affording anniversary gifts for your parents! All you have to do is type how much you've spent, and SpendToday will plan the whole month! Tidy!">

  Because you just want to survive the month

Spend Today

Spend Today - save tomorrow


I can't afford savings!

SpendToday isn't about saving for a car or mortgage, it's about affording next weekend! it's about affording anniversary gifts for your parents!

SpendToday tells you what you can buy, not what you can't buy!

I'm no accountant!

In SpendToday you don't need to set up reccuring debits, or sorting your expenses in a trillion categories.
(what does 'debit' mean, anyway?)

All you have to do is telling SpendToday how much you've spent, and it will manage your whole month!

I don't have time for this!

SpendToday cuts to the chase, the first thing you see when opening the app is today's allowance.

Updating your allowance is just one tap away!



See how much you can (or can't) spend today. It also tells you which day it is, in case you forgot to write your home decor blog today or may be it is sunday and that will explain the extra allowance.


See how today's purchases affect tomorrow!

  This week

How you spend today affects the whole week. There's a view for that, too.

  This weekend

In the weekly view, the weekend is neatly highlighted. Tidy!

  Sofa cash

Found some extra money? Like, yay! Add that to SpendToday and see your allowance grow!

  Special expense

Buying an expensive plane ticket to visit your Polish girlfriend? Big sums don't affect today's allowance, but is split up the entire month! Phew!

Available now!


Allowance screen
Forecast screen
Input screen
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Who needs this?

I certainly did!

Back in 2009, I was stuck in a contract loophole and ended up barely earning more than my bills. I lived off of potato soup, but wanted to have fun in the weekend. The bank statement wasn't enough - I needed something to tell me how much I could spend, warn me if I spent too much, yet still comfort me in saying that I'll be back to normal in two days if I took it easy. So I made myself a nifty excel sheet with some boring calculations. That year became one of my favorite and most fun years in my life.

Now I'm sharing this app with you.

You are most likely a student or a freelancer, but if you are a high earning businessman, you might have fun with this app too! Enjoy.